Education must be a cheapest and most preceding item of a nation, and it’s a best weapon of a country. Countries that are well developed in this world have very strong educational system. Underdeveloped countries are losing in this effort, especially Pakistan. In the area of education, Pakistan is lagging behind other countries of South Asia, even lower than Nepal, Bangladesh and Maldives. Our education standard is uneven, private schools follow different syllabus and public schools follow different. Our private schools doing a bit good but our public schools perform badly and deteriorating its educational standard day by day. There is a lot of corruption in the public sector like cheating in exams, fake results, fake degrees etc.

Why I have chosen this topic? The main motivation behind this the literacy rate of Pakistan. A study said that Pakistan have 48.7% literacy rate which is even less than 50%. This is because of several reasons like educational problems, corruption in education etc,