SGRD strives to provide the underprivileged children, with diverse backgrounds, a GHAR environment where they nurture their talents and groom themselves which gives them the opportunity to become valuable members of the society in the future. Through their GHAR project our NGO provides residential facilities to these children in addition to their Schooling arrangements. Through this Project our NGO makes tuition fees payments for the children whose parents cannot afford to pay for the education of their children.


          To provide total support system to the children needing parental Love and give them the confidence to utilize their full potential and become dignified citizens of society to be able to play a positive role in Nation building.


            To enable maximum number of children in Pakistan, who are deprived of parental Love, to stand on their own feet by providing them with educational, medical, physical and psychological support and human values and guidance in a secure and caring environment, and to enable these children to contribute towards building a better world.