The Government of Pakistan has been accused of allocating very little budget on healthcare. The countries’ population is too high to depend on only 2% of the national GDP for healthcare across the country. Poverty is on the rise as the cost of living is also increasing every year putting families in danger of succumbing to some of the country’s top 10 health issues. Therefore, it is important for the Government and Nongovernmental organizations to come together and rescue the population from the health issues that Pakistan faces. So which are some of the health issues that deserve better attention?

List of Top 9 Health Issues in Pakistan

1 – Depression and Stress Leading to Mental Health Issue
2 – Hypertension
3 – Acute Respiratory Infection
4 – Malaria
5 – Viral Hepatitis
6 – Dengue Fever
7 – Cholera
8 – Tuberculosis
9 – Cancer