The small ruminant farms are distributed in most localities in District Lodhran, Tehsil DunyaPur, where the ambient temperature is high especially during summer and rearing conditions are bad. Additionally, due to limited infrastructure on the household, the poor farmers find themselves insisting to take part of their small household to host their animal from the heat and cold resulting in reducing the quality of their life and increase the environmental problems inside the households.

Additionally, such growing conditions usually reduce the amount of produced milk, growth rate, and fertility of the owned small ruminants. On the other hand, diseases and death rates increase which affect the income of these severely poor people. Therefore, assisting those poor households who own 10-15 heads to improve the growing conditions of their small flocks through rehabilitating the existing farms, sheds, watering and feeding systems would be extremely beneficial. This will also assist them to provide them with some additional feed to give to their animals to produce more milk and meat, which would improve their food security and increase their income through selling the excess products.

  • Alleviating the poor living conditions of impoverished and vulnerable agricultural households in the marginalized areas of Lodhran
  • Improving vulnerable households’ capacity to produce food for both household consumption and market.
  • Increasing capacities and skills of targeted households in agricultural practices, agricultural planning and decision-making, especially among the women farmers.
  • Increasing productivity of small farms (meat and milk)
  • Increasing the nutritional status for targeted household members.